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Nordic Naturals
True North: The Omega-3 Journey from Boat to Bottle

Experience Arctic Norway's beautiful and legendary cod fishery, and step inside Nordic Naturals' hands-on, boat-to-bottle manufacturing process. Discover why Nordic Naturals is the #1 fish oil in the U.S.

COUNT. Directed by Samuel Askland Gordon.png

July 30, 2019


Directed by Samuel Askland Gordon.

When his protective sister is rushed to the hospital, a young boy must survive his strained relationship with his controlling brother.

Count. is our Thesis film project as graduating students at The American Film Conservatory located in Los Angeles. It is the inspiring and emotional story of a young boy with OCD, trying to survive in a family that looks down upon him for his disability on the day his sister and guardian collapses.

Composer Lasse Elkjær.png

July 30, 2019


Composer: Lasse Elkjær.

Very excited to share my new Action Music Showreel. It’s been a lot of fun to put this one together. Out of several tracks I chose, there’s End Credit music from my award-winning score for the film Sticks and from the upcoming horror feature Voracious by director John Michael Elfers. I also brought out the guitar, with some industrial metal, and included cues recorded with the Budapest Art Orchestra.