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Eric Osnes

Eric Osnes - Serial entrepreneur. Aviator (in training). International Business MBA. Ship Captain. Philantropist.

Eric Osnes - Serial entrepreneur. Aviator (in training). International Business MBA. Ship Captain. Philantropist.

With over 20 years of business and operations experience, Eric is now looking for his next employment venture. He is experienced in strategy development, financial modeling, market research and analysis, marketing, operations, quality management systems, and he is technology savvy. His industries of focus have been the maritime and business aviation sectors, but his skills are readily transferable to other industries.
Eric is interested in a leadership position with well-funded startups and/or emerging growth companies where he can have a significant impact on growth. He is hoping to leverage his Norwegian roots by possibly joining a Norwegian company looking to expand into the US market or to use his expertise locally and internationally in Norway. Currently located in Seattle, but open to relocation to California and beyond.
Please contact Eric Osnes for more information. Eric's LinkedIn

Samuel Askland Gordon

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Sam, an Award Winning Director and jury member for the Poppy Jasper International Film Festival, is currently seeking employment as a Director or as an Editor/Assistant Editor for any projects or production companies in the industry in LA. He works freelance as a Director, Writer, and Editor.

He graduated from the esteemed American Film Institute Conservatory's directing program in 2018.
He specializes in development of narrative fiction in all formats for the entertainment business, drawing upon years of experience to create impactful content.
Please view Sam's website portfolio and contact Sam via Email for more information.

Karen Rae Kaltenborn Nothstein

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Karen, who is an NACC Entrepreneur member, runs the translation service and creative writing business Lost for Word.The company specializes in translations and/or development of scripts and treatments for the entertainment world, as well as corporate documents, business plans, pitches, websites, articles, essays etc. Preparing and translating documents for Green Card applications is offered as well. If you need help starting from scratch, or wish to improve a current project, creative writing and idea development are available services as well.
Please contact Karen for more information.

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