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ABOUT OUR Entrepreneur Members
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Haugetun Folkehøyskole is a pre-college boarding school located about 10 minutes from the Norwegian cities of Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad. At Haugetun, students can realize their dreams and get experiences they never dreamed of.

The purpose of Haugetun is to promote general education and information while sharing Christian values focused on faith and service.

Majors offered include innovation, social media and marketing, music, health and psychology, soccer, and international travel and aid. The "Innovation, social media and marketing"-major will be collaborating with NACC LA and take advantage of the network and possibilities within the organization.

Stealth Music Publishing is a music publishing company and record label in Oslo, Norway, founded in 2012 by platinum producer and songwriter Ketil Schei. Stealth Music Publishing’s songwriters have generated hundreds of millions of Spotify streams.

Stealth houses platinum award-winning producers and songwriters in the Urban, EDM, Hip Hop, Pop, and K-Pop genres. They have 5 studios in Oslo, ranging from smaller writer suites to a 2,100 square feet analog recording studio. Stealth’s songwriters and producers have 24-hour studio access, while others can rent one of Stealth’s studios based on availability.

Ketil Schei and Stealth Music Publishing are also co-hosting Asker Music Expo.

Film Production Company

Asterion is a Norwegian film production company founded by Norwegian cinematographer and producer Raymond Volle after a successful collaboration on the movie “Christmas Cruelty!” (2013). Raymond Volle (Director of Photography) and Per-Ingvar Tomren (Director) had such a great time working together, they decided they wanted to keep going.

They have both been involved in Jørn Steen’s “Saga” (2016) and Severin Eskeland’s “Lyst” (2017).

Raymond Volle founded the film production company Asterion in 2014, and together with Per-Ingvar they started working on a dark and twisted comedy called “Headless Entanglement”. They wanted this project to be as challenging as possible to test their abilities as filmmakers, so they decided to make a comedy about things that aren’t funny, like Norwegian culture politics and terrorism. They would also try most of the tasks you can have on a film production, in order to get a more complete understanding of filmmaking. They prefer the old school way of making movies, so everything you see in “Headless Entanglement” is filmed in camera, from the company intro to the end credits. With their limited budget they should probably have opted to go for the white letters against a black background in their title sequence, but instead they chose to film small clips all around the world; a few seconds in Italy, a few seconds in Las Vegas, a few seconds in Los Angeles, etc. - and write the names of their cast and crew on costumes and props. They even hired cult actress, Lynn Lowry, to be in this elaborate title sequence.

Volle and Tomren are currently traveling around the US with “Headless Entanglement”, while shooting their new project “Hollywood seems far away from a wheelchair”. A documentary about following your dreams against all odds. They also have several other projects in different generes in pre-production.

Hallgrim Haug.jpeg


Hallgrim “Hal” Haug is a 3-time Norwegian Emmy-award winning director and director of photography.

His passion for the art of photography was discovered already as a young teenager; born and raised at the feet of raw, imposing Norwegian mountains Hal quickly developed an understanding for the power of light and how to capture it to convey unique emotions and sensations in his motifs.

Hallgrim has accumulated an extensive and diverse filmography over the course of his career, spanning from television series - the Netflix hit show ‘Lilyhammer’ being one of them - to international documentaries; like ‘Made of Steel’ for which he won best director at the London International Film Festival. His most recent documentary ‘Twin Sisters’ was just acknowledged as the most viewed Norwegian-produced film in history; both in its home country but also worldwide. ‘Twin Sisters’ went on to win the audience award at IDFA (Amsterdam, Netherlands), the Dragon Award (Gothenburg, Sweden), the Golden Nymph at the Monte Carlo Film Festival, as well as a Norwegian Emmy for best documentary.

One of his short films, ‘The North Cape– Home of the Midnight Sun and the Northern Light,’ was shot using a customized 3 camera mount in order to a achieve a unique wide screen format. The film is a spectacular audiovisual journey of the arctic life and nature through all seasons at the northernmost point of continental Europe, the North Cape. The film screens permanently in a panoramic theatre in Norway for an audience of 350,000 people yearly and is set to run to the end of the decade.

After 14 successful years in the Norwegian film and television industry, Haug relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a feature film, and tv series, director, and director of photography.

When relocating to Los Angeles, Hallgrim had the great pleasure of teaming up with actor Keanu Reeves, and longtime actor/producer Peter Stormare, for the Lionsgate comedy series ‘Swedish Dicks.’

Hallgrim has recently wrapped principal cinematography of the first Netflix Original Series ‘Home for Christmas’ in his native Norway.

Hallgrim joined the International Cinematographers Guild in 2019.

Hallgrim resides in Los Angeles and Oslo.

Music & Media Company
& Event Producer

Share Music Group, the event producer of Asker Music Expo, was officially formed in early 2019 by partners Rolf Ringkjøb, Tine Ringkjøb, Kipp Williams and Jason Catron. The mission of Share Music can be found in its name, simply to share the creative process via collaboration between Norway's top and developing artists and musicians and industry professionals in the United States. The company consists of SMG Events, SMG Music, and SMG TV. This vision was a dream of Rolf's who is a career singer/songwriter and producer of Oslo based Rolf-Rolf Studios. In 2014, he invited his then LA based celebrity vocal coach of Vocal Lab LA, Jason Catron, to host a vocal master class at his studio in Asker. The event was such a success that it fueled the flame inside of Rolf to do it again. The following year, the event turned into a 3-day music conference that gave attendees a first-hand look into the music business. Jason brought his longtime friend and songwriter / producer, signed to Dr. Luke's RX Songs, Kipp Williams, to speak. Rolf's wife Tine was also brought on board to serve as the CFO of the company. Once again it was a great success and the flames of creativity and collaboration grew even bigger. The event has since grown into Asker Music Expo that is a 4-day event held downtown Asker and features key notes from industry leaders from Norway, Nashville and Los Angeles. The conference focuses on all areas of the music business and gives attendees first-hand access to powerhouses like RX Songs, Disney, Sony, Warner, and Universal to name a few.

In 2018, Share held their first songwriting camp that allowed Norwegian writers to collaborate with successful writers from the U.S. What seemed like a shot in the dark, turned out to be just on point. Over 30 Norwegians signed up to develop their craft. In April 2019, SMG invited 12 songwriters and VPs of A&R to be part of a camp designed to specifically write hits for Norwegian artist while teaming up with writers and producers from Norway. Once again, the spirit and theme of sharing and collaborating allowed for an amazing week of writing with many songs picked up and scheduled for release.

Today, Share Music not only spends its time cultivating the spring writing camp and the Fall Expo, but has grown into a full-blown artist development company. Currently they have singed 4 artists to their roster with a few more scheduled this year. By leveraging their connections and experience, Share is able to connect the artist they believe in to the music industry, thus allowing the artist to focus on creating art. Share also has just launched SMG TV with Industry veterans Jim Hoel and Jan Løve Groth.

The partners of Share Music Group fully believe in the future Norwegian Music and are working to make sure the rest of the world will hear, see and share in the great talent of Norway's future stars.

Record Label

Needed Records was established in 2017 as one of the imprints of Norwegian label group Tylden & Co.

Needed initially specialized in Electronic dance music, Indie, RnB and pop genres.

Today, Needed Records continues to achieve critical and commercial success, striving to release good music globally by producing, releasing and promoting new artists.

Artists include Hazel, Caroline Høier, Mari Hajem, Scott Davies, Kaia Höl, Wilhelmina, Prins and RWND.

Software Tech for
Film/TV Industry

Drylab is a unique software tool for film and TV production that makes innovative, high quality, tagged dailies with searchable, powerful metadata. Any clip is available to the director and creative team in seconds. With or without Internet connection - under the harshest conditions.

• For productions with multiple seasons and directors, Drylab helps improve the flow in a production unlike anything on the market. Consult any take from earlier seasons in seconds. Make a better series.

• The takes are available on your iPhone, iPad (or web browser), on and off set, even without Internet.

• Drylab provides great flexibility, allowing to safely and securely review your takes anywhere, on and off set.

• Directors, Cinematographers, Script Supervisors, Producers and DITs can collaborate quickly and easy.

• Drylab saves time, money and makes better scripted productions.

Luxury Beds
& Accessories

Hästens will change the way you sleep forever with the finest beds, mattresses and bedding accessories in the world. Six generations of handcrafted beds made from ethically-sourced pure natural materials.

Hästens has a rich history - from our roots as master saddlers to Hästens appointment as Royal Purveyors, and the Spirit of Excellence that drives us forward into the future. The journey to where we are now is one filled with passion, skill and the pursuit of making the best handcrafted beds in the world.

More than a fabric, Hästens blue check is an icon. A standard bearer of the quality every Hästens owner enjoys night after night.

We’ve been supplying kings and queens to Kings and Queens for decades. If they’re good enough for you, we figured they’re good enough for them.


Norwegian.Jewelry is a marketplace for Norwegian artisan jewelers and a blog covering jewelry related topics: interviews with designers worldwide, digitalization, and news about our members. Our goal is to two-fold: first, offer the consumer a diversified selection from all parts of Norway and second, bring Norwegian jewelry into the global marketplace.

Mr. and Mrs. Grover, while living in Oslo, started the project in 2017, identifying the need for a collective marketing effort on behalf of boutique jewelry designers.

Norway is an elongated country with one of the longest and most rugged coastlines in the world. It has around 50,000 islands off the extremely indented coast. Moreover, the metalworking tradition dates even further back than the Vikings (780-1050 AD) to the Bronze Age (1700 - 500 BC).

Hence, within a seemingly small country, there exist vast differences in terrain, geography, history, and culture. That, mixed with individual life experiences of each designer, leads to a diversity of inspiration and thought processes, resulting in a wide variety of jewelry designs, not seen anywhere else in the world.

Combining their digital marketing efforts under the Norwegian.Jewelry concept, Artisan jewelry designers, and goldsmiths can reach the world while being able to focus all of their energy on making memorable jewelry.

Body Art

Nathan’s Tattoos & Piercings was founded in Canoga Park in 2000 by Norwegian-American Nathan Peterson. Nathan operates the store with the help of his wife Crystal and a string of professional tattoo and piercing artists. Nathan’s philosophy on piercing is that everybody deserves to be pierced in a safe environment using aseptic technique with a piercer that cares about the client; whether it’s the client’s first or 20th piercing. He believes in “loving his neighbor as himself” no matter one’s culture, race, background, orientation, etc. Ultimately it’s his goal to provide the safest, cleanest, most knowledgeable and friendly experience when it comes to piercing.

In 2000, after seven years in the professional industry, he had the opportunity to open his own shop. He felt led to open his own shop because he had a vision of how shops should be run that was rarely happening, and to a degree, still isn't currently that common.

Nathan wanted to incorporate tattoos in the shop because he finds that both tattoos and piercings are beautiful forms of artistic expression on the human body. He loves when he’s given the opportunity to intermix the two by being able to incorporate dermal anchors, surface barbells, scarification or branding with a tattoo. He also finds the rich history of tattooing and piercing in America, as well as internationally, fascinating. Nathan enjoys studying and collecting antiquities pertaining to both tattoos and piercings. One can find his collections intermixed in the jewelry display cases in the lobby of the shop!

Full-Service Accounting

Kimmel, Rogovin & Co LLP is a full-service accounting; tax practice; and outsourced CFO services firm located in Encino, CA.

Kimmel, Rogovin & Co LLP has provided expert tax preparation; business consulting; tax planning; and CFO services to individuals, Partnerships, Corporations, Estates, and Trusts in a diverse range of industries such as legal, medical, financial services, real estate, entertainment, and Film & TV Production.

Michael Kimmel CPA has been certified by Intuit, Inc. as a Quick Books Professional Advisor. Michael helps clients implement, design, and customize their accounting system utilizing Quick Books. With his guidance, many clients have improved their productivity and bottom line.

Nordic Travel
Experience Experts

Discover Scandinavia Tours builds superior travel experiences by focusing exclusively on the 5 countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Our itineraries are unique. Our knowledge is unmatched. And, our focus on treating each customer as if they are our only customer defines us.

We know the best hotels and historic inns. We are friends with many local guides. We utilize all of this to create adventures catered to you, your personality and your sense of adventure. This is your discovery.

We do not want to be the biggest. We are definitely not the cheapest. Instead, our success is based on helping you transform your most valuable asset – time – into an experience to cherish forever.

Whether traveling as a couple, family or group of “new” friends, we recognize you are entrusting us with what is often the 7 to 14 most special days of your year. This may be the only uninterrupted time you have together, and we at Discover Scandinavia Tours want this time to exceed even the highest expectations.


Executive Search Research (ESR) has since 1997 provided top talent to 50 leading executive search firms and Fortune 1000 companies in Scandinavia and the U.S. from our offices in Los Angeles, London, Stockholm and Oslo. Our focus is strictly on the top candidates (passive) not looking for a new job, who has to be approached individually. We achieved the prestigious recognition by LA Business Journal being ranked among the very top recruitment firms, as well for the branch office in Norway becoming a "Gaselle" company.

Our unique value proposition is to provide a “short list” of the best talent (according to a detailed profile specification we create) in 3 weeks at a low cost for our clients, who are responsible for the last phase of the recruitment process.

For business referrals/leads about positions to be filled in the U.S., which results in ESR providing its recruitment service, we give 10% of our project fee (with also the repeat revenue stream) from this new client.

Immigration Attorney

Christine Condy is an attorney with Fallon, Bixby, Cheng & Lee, Inc., which has been providing legal expertise to immigrants since 1925. The firm is happy to work in the field of immigration, helping to enrich the United States, a nation of immigrants, and is passionate about advocating on behalf of each and every one of its clients, whether an individual starting a business, a family member seeking to immigrate a relative or an established corporation seeking to bring an employee on board as soon as possible.

About joining NACC Los Angeles: “My mom is from Oslo, and I was lucky to spend summers there when I was growing up, so I’ve always had a special link to Norway! I speak Norwegian, too (although my grammar is a bit rusty!).”

Fallon, Bixby, Cheng & Lee is the oldest immigration firm in San Francisco, practices immigration law exclusively, with extensive employment- and family-based experience and successful outcomes in various visa categories.

Ms. Condy has been practicing primarily U.S. business immigration law for more than 24 years, working with clients including large corporations, start-ups, and individuals located in California and around the world. She is a member of the California State Bar, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), the AILA NorCal chapter, and is the Contest Coordinator for the annual essay contest for 5th graders, entitled "Why I'm Glad America is a Nation of Immigrants."

Boarding School

Manger Folkehøgskole is a boarding school located in Manger, Norway, a municipality
outside of the city of Bergen. In Norway, many students choose to attend a pre-college boarding school to immerse themselves in one area they are passionate about. These types of schools are often called the world's freest schools; no grades, no rigid curriculum and no exams. We happen to believe that you learn better without this kind of pressure.

At a folkehøgskole, you get to put into practice what you are taught, supervised and encouraged by dedicated teachers. It is about practical learning and not just theory.

We believe boarding with fellow students creates an outstanding learning environment. You learn to work together and to problem solve.

Every year, we send our students who study Music Production, Band, Artist and Songwriter courses to Los Angeles on a one-week field trip every spring to experience LA, where they get to attend concerts, visit recording studios and people in the music business.

OTT Video Platform

FirstLight Media’s OTT video platform boosts user engagement and monetization for premium entertainment services through Artificial Intelligence driven personalization, programming, and user insights. The FirstLight engineering team has built and operated more than 25+ of the leading premium entertainment services racross 50+ countries reaching hundreds of millions of users working with companies such as AT&T/DirecTV, Fox, Singtel, Verizon, Warner Media, Bloomberg, Sony, and many more. Founded by Norwegian entrepreneur André Christensen in Santa Monica, California and Toronto, Canada after heading product development for AT&T’s/DirecTV’s $35bn+ entertainment services, being a co-owner/COO of the e2e OTT Video Platform provider Quickplay Media (acquired by AT&T), an SVP at Yahoo, and 12+ years as a partner with McKinsey & Company.

Creative Development
& Translation Services

Lost For Word is a creative development company that specializes in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish translations into English. The founder, Karen Kaltenborn Nothstein, has a degree in screenwriting from the prestigious film school Emerson College. She is a Norwegian-American dual citizen and has spent equal parts of her life between the United States and Norway. Her main focus has been in the entertainment industry as a creative consultant for major motion pictures and TV series. Clientele includes production houses such as HBO, Maipo, Rubicon and Nordisk Film. However, all forms of writing are accepted such as business plans, project descriptions, essays, articles, etc. Lost for Word also can prepare documents for Visa and Green Card applications.

keith picture.jpg

Law Firm

The Berglund Group, founded by long time attorney Keith Berglund, specializes in international trade matters, financial transactional and litigation advice, and entertainment law, including film, tv and music. The Berglund Group's clients include venture capital firms, large entertainment companies, producers, artists, successful entrepeneurs, and a wide range of Scandinavian entities.

Offshore Industry
Welding Supplies

NST America is proud to be the exclusive supplier of the world's state-of-the-art welding wire to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

NST is a Norwegian-owned company, which was established in 1991. We represent Nippon Steel & Sumikin Welding in three world regions: North America, Europe and Asia.

- Perfect Welding by NST -

Investment Bank

Pareto Securities is an independent full service investment bank with a leading position in the Nordic capital markets and a strong international presence within the energy sectors. Pareto Securities is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with more than 500 employees located in offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Singapore and Australia.

Marine Safety Equipment
& Consulting

High Seas Trading Co. is a leader in supplying the maritime industry with superior quality marine products, safety equipment and worldwide support through our four strategically located facilities fully suited to provide comprehensive services and assistance in a wide variety of maritime aspects. Three of our facilities are strategically located within the Florida region including: Cape Canaveral, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami and our fourth location in Long Beach, California. In addition to the safety related portion of the marine industry we have built an unmatched reputation for locating and supplying all types of technical items including hard to find components for small and large commercial vessels, leisure yachts, and cargo ships to list a few.

Music Publishing
& Management Company

Honua Music is a boutique publishing company at the forefront of contemporary entertainment. The company was founded in 2011 by Ron Moss, who brings 17 years of prior executive level experience, and Andreas Schuller a/k/a Axident, a grammy-nominated producer with Billboard Hot 100 hits. Our business model proves that the development of producers and songwriters under experienced professionals on the business and creative side leads to large-scale success. Focused on the global music market, ‘Honua’ translates directly to ‘world’ in Hawaiian.

LED Technology
for Film & TV

At Digital Sputnik, our passion is film. We love watching films, we love making films and most of all, we are devoted to manufacturing the best possible tools for creatives working on content creation.

We created hardware and software that optimise the whole production process and create efficiencies that raise the quality and speed up content creation.

First Digital Sputnik LED -lamp prototypes were build out of necessity for the award winning Werner Herzogs documentary film “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” by founders of Digital Sputnik
in 2010. This made us realise the potential and demand for high quality, modular LED system for cinema lightning.

Entertainment Industry
Consulting Services

USA Media Rights, Inc. was established by Erik Steigen in 2012 after 16 years in the Los Angeles music and entertainment industry. Clients and partners include music and media companies, athletes, songwriters, recording artists, music producers, models and actors. Services include talent management, rights administration, content creation, exploitation, business management, asset valuation and consulting. Erik led the financial and sales teams of several successful acquisitions in the entertainment space, with purchase prices ranging from $2MM to $30MM.

Erik has been a guest speaker for the Entertainment Studies Division at UCLA, as well as a panelist and moderator on industry panels and at conferences, including Digital Entertainment World 2017 and 2018. Erik is currently a board member of the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Los Angeles / San Pedro, and co-founder and president of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles (NACC LA), a non-profit organization for Norwegian-American and Nordic businesses.